A short introduction for the non-Romanian speakers

This is an informative site about Traditional Satanism adressed to the Romanian public. Our work is important because, while in the West there are plenty of sources of information for those who seek to practice the Black Arts and live their lives along the Sinister Path, here, in the Eastern Europe, those things are more difficult and there are very few groups who share their knowledge and experience to help and inspire others. Writing and talking about this Path isn't practicing it and while a lot has been said, too little has been done. However, the best way to understand something is to learn it in your native language. And then comes the Praxis.

Satanism is still a tabu to most Romanians, considering the fact that more than 90% of the people are Christians and the State and Church are still not separated. With a large rural and poorly educated population, and after almost 50 years of harsh communist dictatorship and more than 20 years of savage capitalism, we have the premises of a society far from the Satanic ideal. However, the lawlessness present in this part of the world may act as a potent catalyst in our quest.

Altough many heathen rites and practices and even some darker aspects survived to this day - more or less corupted by later forms - the ethos that spawned them is barely or no longer present on these lands. Remnants of traditional witchcraft and black magick with roots in thracian paganism are still practised, mainly by old and isolated individuals, but this is not a breeding ground for new means, new tehniques, new perspectives, ideas, and so on.

The first modern occult influences arrived in Romania in the second half of the 19th century, mostly by intelectuals who studied in France and Germany and returned home. However, there is no evidence to suggest the existence of satanic groups before 1989. After the revolution and during the 90's, satanic ideas slowly started to spread, but most people misunderstood and misinterpreted them, and few groups from that period survived. After the Internet boom of 2000, more information on the subject started to appear and websites such as Church of Satan or Joy of Satan were popular among the Romanian teens. However, all this fast-food, sanitized satanism must be confronted and rejected and there's the need for a healthy alternative.

We started this website in 2008, inspired by and following the works of organizations such as Order of Nine Angles, Temple of the Black Light and Dragon Rouge. Indeed, most of the materials from this website are inspired or translated after books or mss by the aforementioned organisations, but we don't try to reinvent the wheel - what has been said so well by others doesn't need any correction - all we have to do is to build on the already existing foundations. And although we concentrate our efforts onto one specific tradition, we offer the public a wider range of paths to discover, study, analyse and practise - it's up to the individual which method, system or way is best for him/her.
And so as a tree, before giving fruit, needs time to adapt when it's transplanted into a new soil, so do we. Or just as someone from the ABG Lodge once wrote, we are like youths who receive a gold coin from an old lady who then leaves, just to return years later to see what we did with that little coin we received - we lost it, we kept it hidden somewhere, or did we invest it to make a small fortune? Soon, we'll show you some of the fruits from our young Satanic tree, things that may aid and inspire others on their Path to Liberation. You can now check some of them here: Vatra Nexion .